Criminal Law

An arrest or even a police investigation is an assault on the most important right you possess, your freedom.  When your liberty is at stake the quality and experience of your attorney may be all that stands between you and prison.

Ron Johnson is the right attorney to protect your freedom.  Ron is an experienced criminal defense attorney.  He began his career as a prosecutor and has been practicing criminal law since 1989.

Ron understands how to fight illegal police searches and arrests.  He knows how to attack faulty eye witness identification and false or biased testimony.  He is skillful in showing that someone other than the accused is responsible for an alleged offense.

At the Law Offices of Ron Johnson, we take pride in aggressively defending our clients.  We understand that the impact of even a brief loss of your freedom has on your personal and economic wellbeing.

Never give away your Constitutional rights.  Allow Ron Johnson to preserve them. Contact us.